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ECPI University - Orlando Lake Mary nursing programs information and students review. Get an in-depth data on: BSN programs offered at this school. 01/05/39 · ECPI is not the same as Remington. One of the nurses we work with in our clinicals graduated from Remington, she loved it and did well. She, along with our entire clinical group, cannot stand our clinical instructor, and she has also commented that Remington would never have someone like. 01/05/39 · ECPI University July 2018 ABSN 50% Off Platinum Membership Use code PLATINUMHALFOFF at Checkout. ECPI University July 2018 ABSN. School Programs Jan 18, 2018 7,642 Views 36 Comments by JennaAnn23 Member 3,823 Profile Views; 108 Posts. Q&A with ECPI University Faculty & Staff. ECPI’s faculty and staff believe that their success is defined by our students’ success. During this Open House Event, you’ll have the opportunity to meet our faculty and staff, talk about how they support students’ success, and get answers to your questions.

04/03/39 · If I may provide a suggestion for those moving here from out of town. Its very easy to find a place in the Lake Mary area and be close to school, however, when you start clinical, they are not all located in Lake Mary. In fact, most are not I believe only 16 spots are, most are in the Winter pa. ECPI offers an externship career service programs for all graduates, and they offer a certificate voucher program for students. With an ECPI student email you have access to all the Microsoft resources that you need like Office, Outlook, and OneDrive. ECPI also offers education on. 26/05/38 · Yeah, I've found a lot of good things about Remington College but was a little skeptical about ECPI since there's not as much information. From what I can tell, it seems like a good program.

26/05/38 · I am applying for the January 2018 ABSN program at ECPI. I have completed by pre-reqs with a GPA of 3.33. I am getting ready to take the TEAS exam for this first time and am extremely nervous.

26/05/38 · I agree with this. The negative comments I have seen about ECPI are about different programs in different states. I've never heard anything negative about the ABSN program in Orlando. I know two people who graduated from there, passed the NCLEX, and are now working as RNs in the area. They are very pleased with their experience. 03/09/39 · Accelerated Nursing School: Hello everyone! Hope you enjoy this video!!! Dont forget to subscribe!!! If you want me to do study techniques then comment it down below!!! Also for daily updates you.

Breaking Down Barriers to Success. Investing in an education is a serious commitment—one which ECPI University doesn't take lightly. To help devise a financial plan that best fits your needs, ECPI's Financial Aid Administrators can provide guidance and explanations in a number of areas, such as.

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