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Redbone Coonhound Temperament and Personality

03/10/40 · Redbone Coonhound is a sweet little dog which are non aggressive and have friendly behavior. It is very comfortable around children and fun to have aroung. Understand the personality and temperament of Redbone Coonhound before you adopt this canine. Photo about Redbone Hound Dog on the hunt. Image of friendly, friend, companion - 24284993. Redbone Hound. History. Like most coonhounds, the Redbone derives from foxhound ancestors. Scottish immigrants brought red foxhounds to America in the late 1700s, and they may have formed the basis of the breed. The breed’s development was heavily influenced by George Birdsong, who began with a pack he obtained in the 1840s. As more people. HOUND PUPS AVAILABLE: 4.5 month UKC reg'd purebred American Black & tan Coonhound Female Redbone Coonhound MALE- 1 yr Reg'd Redbone Coonhound puppies! Reg'd Bluetick Coonhound puppies! Coonhound/Beagle puppies born July 31st: Bluetick or Black & Tan. redbone hound puppies for sale in oklahoma - Bing Images Red Bone - looks like our dog Callie redbone - so cute! Redbone coonhound puppy. My dream home will come with a puppy. See more. Redbone Coonhound Red Bone Guard Dog Bloodhound Hunting Dogs Hound Dog Puppies For Sale Pet Stuff Dog Photos.

Redbone Coonhound. 1,849 likes · 4 talking about this. Redbone Coonhounds. The Redbone coonhound is a mild-mannered yet energetic hound dog of medium to large size with a friendly and loyal disposition. Easily recognized by their brilliant red color, these hard-working hounds are well-suited to both hunting and companionship. Redbone coonhounds can be great family dogs when properly trained and socialized. The Redbone Coonhound, according to the American Kennel Club, is "amiable, eager to please, and easy-going." However, for those who enjoy hunting with hounds, the Redbone Coonhound is a valuable partner on the hunting trail. 03/04/37 · The Redbone Coonhound belongs to Hound Dogs Breed according to AKC and to Scenthounds Dog Breed according to UKC. It has an average lifespan of 11-12 years. The height of a male dog is 56-68 cms, while that of a female dog is 53-66 cms. Redbone Coonhound dog portrait isolated on white. Digital art illustration of hand drawn dog for web, t-shirt print and puppy food cover design. hound, hunt,.

The Redbone Coonhound is the only solid colored coonhound. The AKC standard says, “The Redbone mingles handsome looks and an even temperament with a confident air and fine hunting talents.”[1] This breed has been registered with the UKC since 1904. This is the type of hound that was featured in the novel, Where the Red Fern Grows. Country of Origin The Redbone Coonhound also known as the ‘Redbone Hound’ or ‘Red’ is an American breed deriving from crosses between Bloodhounds and Foxhounds, possibly red foxhounds brought to America by Scottish immigrants in the late 18th century.


This hound may have been named after an early breeder, Peter Redbone of Tennessee, although much of its breeding has taken place in Georgia. The foundation stock of the modern day Redbone came from George F.L. Birdsong of Georgia, who was a noted fox hunter and breeder. He obtained the pack of Dr. Thomas Henry in the 1840s. Photo about Redbone Hound Dogs playing in the pasture. Image of clip, bred, clipart - 24285006. Redbone Hound Dog stock photo. Image of clip, bred, clipart - 24285006. Stock Photos Editorial Illustrations Videos Audio Free Photos Blog. Sign up for FREE or Sign in. Redbone Coonhound Puppies for Sale. Our redbones are bred to make their families happy no matter what road they take them down. At Copeland’s Redhot Kennels we have reproduced over 3000 redbone hound pups that are in every walk of life from coonhunting, bear hunting, tracking mountain lions, hogs, deer hunting, several on the bomb squad, search and rescue, in squad cars and most of all.

Get Redbone Hound Dog royalty-free stock image and other vectors, photos, and illustrations with your Storyblocks Imagesmembership. Wies Redbones. Redbone Coonhound Kennel in Mid-Missouri We are a Redbone Coonhound kennel located in mid-Missouri. There's nothing we enjoy more than getting out into the woods with our dogs. If you are interested in a puppy, please visit our Puppy Page. We thank you for visiting our website and hope that you enjoy it. Bred mainly for hunting purposes, the Redbone Coonhound is a breed of American hounds, expert in hunting raccoons, cougars and even bears with the same expertise both in land and water. With a sleek but robust muscular structure, hanging ears, cat-like defined paws, an elongated face ending in a black muzzle and nose tip, and [].

In addition, the Redbone Coonhound is a fast swimmer, able to pick up on trails that have long been "cold." Personality and Temperament. The Redbone loves the company of its human family, but does not display overtly tenacious behavior. In fact, it is often described as a gentle and easy-going breed, with few cares in the world. Redbone Coonhound Photos Pictures Redbone Coonhounds - Puppies for Sale, Dogs for Sale, Puppies, Gallery Photos of Redbone Coonhound Dog Breeds, Dog Breeders.

Download high-quality Two redbone hound dogs frolicking on farm images, illustrations and vectors perfectly priced to fit your projects budget. Mar 15, 2018 - Explore jenright0177's board "Redbone Coonhound" on Pinterest. See more ideas about Redbone coonhound, Hound dog and Hunting dogs. The cost to buy a Redbone Coonhound varies greatly and depends on many factors such as the breeders' location, reputation, litter size, lineage of the puppy, breed popularity supply and demand, training, socialization efforts, breed lines and much more. Review how much Redbone Coonhound puppies for sale sell for below. Redbone Coonhound Blakely, Georgia, United States The hound puppy, 9 months old, requires a loving home. He presently lives in a rehabilitation that is no longer able to sustain him.

Redbone Coonhound - Full Profile, History, and Care.

A Redbone Coonhound's training is a key component to creating a capable hunting dog, so proper training should begin as soon as possible. The Redbone has a stubborn mindset that can work to the owner's advantage, but the Redbone can also absorb a significant amount of information that can help with creating a reliable hunting dog. Redbone Coonhound Puppies. 1,509 likes · 33 talking about this. Registered red bone coon hound 2 girls 4 boys. Distinguished by his flashy red coat, the Redbone Coonhound was bred to tree raccoons and cougars. His athleticism, speed, agility and ability to hunt a cold trail make him an outstanding hunter. A determined, proud breed, the Redbone Coonhound is aggressive and fearless in the field but gentle and eager to please at home.

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